Pleasure Power

Three words for four days, and you will be changed:

Pleasure is Power.”

~ Danielle LaPorte

Not only that, but I hereby whole-heartedly — with zero possibility of being wrong — pinky-swear that you’ll be changed in a way you like VERY MUCH. 

How to do it: Actually go ahead and “mantra.”

Repeat the three words out loud, in a whisper, or in your mind as often as possible. (I have never recommended mantras as I have found there are much stronger ways to access That-Way-That-Feels-Like-Magic. But this one changed my mind.)

What does it mean and how does it change you: Pick any/all interpretations:

  • Interpretation #1: Pleasure can fuel you. And you can use this extra energy to face and, in fact, dive into any little or huge thing you want, so explore these specifics:

FIND pleasure in any situation, and NOTICE how your energy rises.

The spring air is fresh whether or not you notice it. But when you take note of it’s coolness and enjoy the moist-dirt-infused-with-light-green-growy-things smell, you are fed in a way that’s much bigger than that one breath.

The conference room where you have a stressful meeting has a pretty picture on the wall whether you notice it or not. Let your eyes linger there and really take it in: you get a high that’s better than coffee. And who thought THAT was possible.

MAKE pleasure for yourself, and FEEL the ways in which you’re super-charged.

Bring a can of vanilla beans to work and actually take the time to huff them. Set a timer to do it every 45 minutes — show some discipline! — and, oh my gosh.

Make pleasure for others, and be prepared for your internal strength to go super-hero.

All right, maybe don’t invite your colleagues to smell your can of beans, vanilla or otherwise, but you could bring A PIE! [Warning — your co-workers may fall in love with you. If you don’t want to take that risk, bring cookies for very nearly the same effect minus the stalking.]

SAVOR all that pleasure — in every second. And then for one second longer than necessary.

I don’t know why we sometimes avert our attention from the intoxicating. Maybe because it does in fact shake up our worlds. But try wallowing in a pleasure for as long as you can — a whole minute?! — and you won’t believe how you feel and what happens next.

So say you make a thing that pleases you immensely whether it be a report, a quilt, a poem, a pie, a hike, a bike ride, a newly-planted vegetable, a belly rub for a human or 4-legged buddy, or a camouflaged can of vanilla beans to take to work on Monday. Take an extra little while to feel the pleasure of what you just did. Breathe it in. Wiggle your toes in it. Kiss it on the lips.

Caveat: “Pleasure” is what makes your essential self feel free. You can judge this via your own internal Body Compass. It will steer you clear of false pleasures that give you an artificial high followed by a stark low.*

Extra Bonus Caveat: The deeper, more genuine, and more accepted the pleasure, the more real and unstoppable the power. Experiment. Tell me whether or not you agree.

  • Interpretation #2: Feeling pleasure puts you in a position of power.

Think about any meeting, negotiation, conflict, date, or reunion whether between work colleagues, family, sweethearts, or friends. Consider:

~ Who was the leader — the person who seemed to control the tone, level, content, and outcome of that time together?

~ They seemed to be enjoying themselves, didn’t they? They took pleasure in the room, weather, food, their own clothing, and/or any number of other things AS WELL AS the situation at hand. It’s weird but true.

  • Interpretation #3: Feeling power gives you pleasure. Oh my yes. AND…

Are you a little panicked or put off yet? Of COURSE because:

Pleasure and Power are two very naughty words indeed.

I wrote a whole bit on the specifics of these words’ stigma — including how they’re seen as especially unseemly for women and for anyone interested in a spiritual experience of life — but I deleted it.  Because you know all about that.

Instead of giving time to those old voices in your head and/or society…

Just try the “pleasure is power” mantra for four days.

~ That’s long enough to see if you notice any changes you like, but also it’s

~ short enough to prevent any long term damage. I don’t want you to not do this on the grounds of being afraid of ruining your life. You can abandon the whole thing if the changes feel yucky.

Just be sure your yardstick for both pleasure and luckiness is your truest self via your Body Compass, and you’ll be safe even if you get disoriented — disorientation itself can be a pleasure when it’s a free-fall into joy.*

When we follow what feels like a huge relief — a “shackles off” kind of pleasurable freedom — we tap into an energy unlimited that can power only our highest, most truly good desires. Whether those be small ways of being or huge acts of doing, your power is a true pleasure.

And that fuels us all.

So pleeeease pleasure power your next four days. Do it for the rest of us! For the planet! And let me know the specifics:)

All my best,


*This sensation is an easy way to tune up your Body Compass. As my teacher Martha Beck says:

~ Imagine a thrilling leap into a crystal clear, deep pool. Feel your body. That is the sensation your inner self creates in your body when it is scared but likes something.

~ Imagine a yucky leap into a polluted wastewater pool. Feel your body. That is the sensation your inner self creates when it is scared and dislikes something.

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  1. LOVE this, Betsy! I’m gonna give it a whirl. 🙂



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