What do you desire in your life? Let’s start there. 

There is a long and impressive list of big things that I haven’t figured out and can’t/don’t coach around.* But from my experiences and from those of people like you — my friends, family, and clients — I have found that when you dive into and after what you truly desire, you thrive and it enhances the world.**

That’s why I do this work. The bonus for me is that coaching is so enjoyable. If you’re interested or have any questions, I would truly love to hear from you. Please fill out the form in the right sidebar or contact me here.

All my best,



*I have found that many of these other concerns — whether they be as cosmic as the purpose of life or as detailed as whether or not bananas should be off limits for someone concerned about their weight  — become clearer and more manageable or simply evaporate if you just pick something you desire and go for it. Anything.

**We can debate this if you want. Better yet, just try it as an experiment and then decide.

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