Work with me

There are four ways to work with me:

  • 1:1 coaching (1 hour by phone, Zoom, or in-person on my back porch): $125/session. We can coach on a particular topic, analyze a dream, or if you have a vague longing but don’t even know what it’s about, we can tease that out.
  • Speaking with a groupContact me for more information
    • Getting Your Next Job: a coaching package for graduates and others finding these times of pandemics—be they those of viruses, racism, environmental turning points, or other issues—a necessary or ideal time for change (four 1-hour sessions + a follow-up; by phone, Zoom, or in-person) $300

1st: What you long for: You’ll explore everything you want in a big sense and in the particulars. Then we’ll free up a little magic before moving on—don’t worry, I’ll explain the real science behind it too. This first step not only helps identify where you want to work but is what energizes you AND unleashes that power.

2nd: Why you care: We’ll undertake a pleasant and vital discovery of what’s important to you—what’s really true for you. This info is important for fine-tuning your ends and means and understanding what you want to learn. Bonus: it’s going to prove equally vital for your next employer (lucky folks).

3rd: How you can get there and how you can contribute: We’ll do a little scheming, combining all the variables from the first two steps in different ways to come up with innovative ideas for exactly where, what, why and how your next job will go as well as the next final steps for getting there. And we’ll adapt one of Dr. Carl Jung’s favorite tools so you also can receive some specific direction from your own subconscious—it’s a fascinating shortcut we’d be remiss to ignore.

4th: Wrap it all up in your customized package and execute: By this point, you’re so clear on your path forward, that it implementation feels like riding a perfect wave. Your next employer will be thrilled you’ve found them because you two are a perfect match—for real.

Bonus: Follow-up to discuss whatever you want.

THE LOGISTICS: We can do this 4-step process in a week or over a longer period of up to four weeks. That’s your decision. The follow-up session can be immediately or up to three months later.

THE GOODS: I’ve used this method for every job I’ve gotten (except that gig at McDonald’s when I was 16!). I’ve gotten every job I applied for using this method except one (and there were complicating personal histories involved in that one). I started helping colleagues successfully do the same thing when I was in my first job out of college and continued doing so every place I went. My grown kids have used this method to get summer jobs as well as career-trajectory dream jobs. And I’ve used it with clients who decided to set off in search of a fresh path as well as those shell-shocked by a surprise layoff. When you use this method, it’s win-win-win. You get a job you love, your employer gets their ideal employee, and the process itself is actually a time of enjoyable growth exploring things you love to think about.

I get downright zealous about these ideas in part because the stakes are high. Being mis-employed or under-employed is one of life’s big stresses and disappointments. And it’s a huge loss for society. *We need all hands on deck right now. And by “on deck,” I mean doing the thing they are best-suited for and love most. Being happily and appropriately employed is one of the best life-makers ever. And getting a critical number of people to do so will save the world.*

I also can’t stand by and watch cool, creative people get side-railed by the many false, painful, unhelpful, and downright sabotaging beliefs out there. The best way to get a job is NOT to make a standard resume, NOT to look at vacancies posted anywhere. Your chances do NOT increase if you shoot low. You do NOT need more education or experience than you already have to get the job you want (literally, almost never… you will be surprised). I will not be asking you to do anything dangerous, reckless, irresponsible, or unethical, such as trying to get a job you can’t do. We WILL uncover and get into the exquisitely specific skills, interests, values, value, and potential that you can’t see because you’re too close to it—it’s the air you breathe.

With the big changes afoot in the world right now, the time has never been better for getting your wonderful next job. And that’s why I’m offering this package now and at this price. I know it’s low, but I want people happily reaching their dreams AND I have another ask: I ask that you donate 10% of your first two paychecks to an organization that’s on the front lines of promoting racial justice or the healing of the planet’s ecosystem.

    • Dream Analysis Master Class: Are you dreaming like crazy in 2020? Emphasis on the “crazy?” Click here for more information

How to get started

Submit the following form, or e-mail me at betsypearsonpe [at] gmail [dot] com with any and all questions. I’ll contact you and we can talk so you can get an idea as to whether or not working together would be a good fit.