What my clients say

I’m so humbled and grateful when clients send me notes — and in awe of the beautiful ways they express themselves.

“There are moments and experiences in my life that are touchstones I return to again and again — and that includes our conversations. Thank you.” ~ C

“Your coaching is deep-rooted, based in the merging between mother nature, the highest intellect and the natural flow of life.” ~R

“Every time I talk with you, the universe opens up.” ~ C

“Betsy has walked beside me through some very painful parts of my journey with a fearlessness and calm that was absolutely right for what I needed. I trust her completely.”  ~ L

“Thank you for what you do and who you are. I value you so much.” ~ S

“Betsy is a delightful and skilled coach who I unconditionally trust to help me navigate my personal pathways.” ~ K

“Betsy, I owe you big. Thank you.” ~ S

“Betsy’s intellect is razor sharp and clear. There is a compassion and respect in the way that she approaches people that immediately disarms and gets to the root of the issue.” ~ L