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“If I were truly to be myself, I would break my family’s heart.”*

~ Someone I know has been side-railed by the pain of someone they love. Indeed everyone I’ve ever known has at some point frozen up because they didn’t want to hurt someone else. I have too. (Those of you who know me are whispering “understatement…”) It’s because … Continue reading

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Pleasure Power

Three words for four days, and you will be changed: “Pleasure is Power.” ~ Danielle LaPorte Not only that, but I hereby whole-heartedly — with zero possibility of being wrong — pinky-swear that you’ll be changed in a way you like VERY MUCH.  … Continue reading

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How To Get Everybody On Your Side

Yes we do need everybody’s approval — especially in order to proceed with something new or scary. We are humans, and humans are social creatures. Back when we were cave people, it was downright dangerous to get excluded by the … Continue reading

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