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A whiff of the ineffable

When you know there’s something you know but you don’t know what it is, at least not in any way you can put into words: the ineffable, the unknowable, uncertainty, mystery What it feels like: freedom, a fresh breeze, longing, … Continue reading

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Now and Then and Beyond: To Forgive

To forgive (in the most technical sense) = to let go of holding someone responsible for owing you something from a past transaction, as in “to forgive a debt.” = to not be mad about or afraid of the past.   … Continue reading

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The heart-stuff

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in,” or, more accurately maybe, how it gets OUT. To see — literally — where I find myself with this famous lyric, check out this video of Leonard Cohen live and … Continue reading

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All Your Dreams Are Good Dreams

Bad dreams can feel so remarkably… bad. And if they recur over and over, well you can start to dread sleep. I’ve found the best way to handle bad dreams, recurrent dreams, or good dreams, for that matter, is to dive … Continue reading

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“Problems aren’t problems, happiness isn’t happiness, worry is nothing to worry about, nothing is nothing, and everything is everything:” my latest favorite game

A Game! Fill in the blank (insert any emotion, state, or situation): “[Blank*] is nothing to [Blank — the same blank as before or some grammatically correct form of Blank] about. [Blank] isn’t [Blank.]. Three ways to win this game: Make yourself … Continue reading

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The 12-Second Rule (yes, this might truly change everything)

It’s not that I disagree when people say “Be happy now — don’t wait for some circumstance to change.” I just don’t find it to be a helpful instruction, especially in the midst of a dark night of the soul. But last week … Continue reading

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“If I were truly to be myself, I would break my family’s heart.”*

~ Someone I know has been side-railed by the pain of someone they love. Indeed everyone I’ve ever known has at some point frozen up because they didn’t want to hurt someone else. I have too. (Those of you who know me are whispering “understatement…”) It’s because … Continue reading

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Pleasure Power

Three words for four days, and you will be changed: “Pleasure is Power.” ~ Danielle LaPorte Not only that, but I hereby whole-heartedly — with zero possibility of being wrong — pinky-swear that you’ll be changed in a way you like VERY MUCH.  … Continue reading

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Rent, Grace, and a Method for Letting Go (for those of us who… don’t)

A good idea As you know, we coaches are big on releasing attachment.  “Let go,” we exhort ourselves (and others! in a well-meaning way!)* when we detect grasping. A difficult-to-access idea Whether we’re talking about holding on to something already in hand or … Continue reading

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Respect, prospect, prosper: what do we want?

The opposite of respect Disrespect sometimes unhinges some of us humans. We know that individual narcissists become enraged. And some entire social structures promote disrespect as sufficient reason to physically harm another person (and even to have a long-term feud or beef or grudge … Continue reading

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