Yoga Resources

Greetings yogis! This is mostly for my students, but anyone is welcome.

Click here for a rustic stick-figure drawing of the Sun Salute as we are doing it in our class.

This document here details alternate nostril breathing (it also shows some poses we did in a class several years ago but that’s just bonus material!).

Click here for rustic stick-figure drawing of a Warrior series as we do it in class PLUS some balancing poses.

Want to start practicing handstand?! Here is a video.handstand

Here is a description of the Eight Limbs of Yoga.

And for comparison sake, here is a list of The Seven Deadly Sins AND Dwarves (good to memorize for parties — both lists).

Stress cycle and how yoga interrupts it is pictured here.

Sheridan College “Stress-less Week” yoga handout is here.