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Your chakras don’t need any work

Your chakras don’t need activating, connecting or amplifying. They’re not tasks you need to add to your spiritual-mental-physical To-Do List. Quite the opposite: Your chakras are glowing resources you can avail yourself of anytime you need recharging or rest. All … Continue reading

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Glad to wake up

When you first begin waking and you remember what/who/where your day might hold and then you can’t WAIT to get out of the bed and get going — that’s a deep well-being. Your day may hold something epic. Or you … Continue reading

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Practice Handstands: Using a Threshold to Shake Up Your World

Trying to explain this on the phone wasn’t working… This practice gives liminal action a whole new meaning! [PS — Still scary? Try three downward-dogs a-day and it will come surprisingly quickly, whether you need strengthening of your arms OR, … Continue reading

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Sex, Sport and All Six Senses (doctor’s orders!)

“When we are unhappy, depressed, or bored, we have an easy remedy at hand: to use the body for all it’s worth.”~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Copy that sentence. Label it: Best Prescription Ever. Consider carrying it on your person. Mr. C … Continue reading

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The ultimate Namasté

“My essential self recognizes your essential self and invites it to come out and play.” Life coaching energizes me just as fully when I’m the coach as it does when I’m the client. I think I’m figuring out why. I … Continue reading

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Invent your OWN yoga!

[UPDATE January 2014 — I am teaching yoga Mon’s and Wed’s, noon, January 20 – May 5 at Sheridan College. I hope you’ll join us!] 1. Choose Some Assumptions. For example, let’s say: Every part of your body wants its … Continue reading

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