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Mad, Sad, Glad, and Afraid –> Your Heart’s Desire

If you ever learned how to soldier on no matter HOW you felt, then you may sometimes experience these side effects: being unable to name how you feel, even to yourself secretly, getting a false read on your emotions, not … Continue reading

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Why don’t I do what I REALLY DO want to do?

I unabashedly adore my “Leaning Into What You Really Want” worksheet because when I want something, this technique works with magical-feeling ease. Except when it doesn’t work at all. I used to believe that those instances meant I was “self-sabotaging” or that I didn’t REALLY … Continue reading

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Bluebeard OR Beast? How to tell the difference — and how to dismember the former.

Be it Heidi’s grandfather, Rhett Butler, Clint Eastwood in The Bridges of Madison County, that homely guy at the gym, or — more significantly — our own inner shadow, most of us are seduced by the idea of our love … Continue reading

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How To Love Yourself

“I do not know where to begin.” Those are the honest words spoken to me by a brave cosmic conversant today. We all hear it is likely better for the people around us — as well as for us — … Continue reading

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How To Get Everybody On Your Side

Yes we do need everybody’s approval — especially in order to proceed with something new or scary. We are humans, and humans are social creatures. Back when we were cave people, it was downright dangerous to get excluded by the … Continue reading

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All the love you want

How is it going with your soul mate – that glorious other with whom you have cosmic discussions as well as easy silence and light chats; silly jokes, fun, games, happy sex; mind-body-and-soul-altering sex; functional, practical cooperation on the logistics … Continue reading

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My Favorite Way of Looking at Your Desire

Seeing people hyper-accelerate into what they want is one of my greatest thrills — not only does it make them happy, but it always ends up improving the world for all of us. So please… Have fun with this worksheet, … Continue reading

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