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All love is at first sight…

… And if you don’t love someone, you haven’t seen them (no matter how many times you’ve looked at them).¬†Does these two ideas sound radical and even dangerous? Try the one-way love experiment Next time someone is talking to you, … Continue reading

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How to love

“I am full of hate. Will you please teach me how to love?” In Think on These Things, a school child asks J. Krishnamurti the above question. His answer shocked me: “No one can teach you how to love. If … Continue reading

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How to make yourself thin

There are people in whom the ineffable mysteriousness of life feels palpable. They are like thin places — very little seems to separate the sacred from the ordinary. It’s right. there. Of course thin people are just as likely to … Continue reading

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what they’re NOT

Tenders and kind people aren’t: Sweet. Or even nice, exactly. They don’t subscribe to anything goes. They aren’t kidding. Often they don’t seem personal — they don’t worry about what happens to you. They don’t have the persona — gestures, … Continue reading

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Making thin places

A sunshine soaked classroom, a windowless office, a tiny, tucked away bar. This month I’ve been so incredibly lucky to walk into three places — three unlikely places — and find myself in the palpable ineffable. These places are marked … Continue reading

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Kind friends

I have been observing the kind. As in, people being kind to people. Here’s what I’m seeing. ¬†Somehow they are ultra-interconnected with others yet totally of themselves at the same time. They are not attacking, obviously, but even more importantly, … Continue reading

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Ranch Zen

“Go outside or get a drink of water.” My daughter once came home from a birthday sleep-over with this wisdom — the best of all party favors. Her friend was a ranch kid, and the rancher Dad happened by a … Continue reading

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