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My Favorite Way of Looking at Your Desire

Seeing people hyper-accelerate into what they want is one of my greatest thrills — not only does it make them happy, but it always ends up improving the world for all of us. So please… Have fun with this worksheet, … Continue reading

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Leaning in and letting go (hint: they’re the same thing)

If you can’t let go of wanting something you’re not getting, lean right on in and examine why you want it and.. you’ll see. (I know you’re skeptical, but trying to talk yourself out of it isn’t working is it? … Continue reading

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Compare without despair: prepare a feast

If you want to access hope — of the deepest and most imaginative sort — then start comparing.  “Self-help heresy!” you cry? Believe me, I know how you feel. As my mother likes to say: “Never compare yourself to someone else because … Continue reading

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Wangari Maathai-ing

How to generate your own personal world class peace: 1. Choose something that you might consider a problem. 2. And choose another one. 3. Lightly hold my sagely friend’s idea that “nothing needs to be fixed.” 4. Put Situation #1 … Continue reading

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“There’s nothing to fix…

“There’s nothing to fix, and everything to create.” My own personal sage** suggested this to me today. She sounded a lot like Lao Tzu, who said: “Do you want to improve the world?” Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the first sentence … Continue reading

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