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How To Love Yourself

“I do not know where to begin.” Those are the honest words spoken to me by a brave cosmic conversant today. We all hear that it’s good for the people around us — as well as for us — if … Continue reading

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All the love you want

How is it going with your soul mate – that glorious other with whom you have cosmic discussions as well as easy silence and light chats; silly jokes, fun, games, happy sex; mind-body-and-soul-altering sex; functional, practical cooperation on the logistics … Continue reading

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All love is at first sight…

… And if you don’t love someone, you haven’t seen them (no matter how many times you’ve looked at them). Does these two ideas sound radical and even dangerous? Try the one-way love experiment Next time someone is talking to you, … Continue reading

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How to love

“I am full of hate. Will you please teach me how to love?” In Think on These Things, a school child asks J. Krishnamurti the above question. His answer shocked me: “No one can teach you how to love. If … Continue reading

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How to be a [great] lover

Here are the skills I have been observing in the fantastic lovers I am lucky enough to know: 1. See. Also smell. Touch. Hear. Taste. Open ALL your sensory receptors and receive what streams into you from your beloved…. the light … Continue reading

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“I would die for her”

I saw Pastor Joe preach angry maybe twice — once regarding the literal death sentence. The other time he was talking about some anonymous, particularly good mother in our flock. Apparently she was also a heart-tuggingly resigned woman living a … Continue reading

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Follow your heartbreak

How to Make a Passion Map When my friend and colleague Natalie Currie recommended an article from the Harvard Business Review (HBR), I was… skeptical. Until I was blown away: “Follow your passion, we’re often told. But how do you … Continue reading

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A Tool for Three Marriages: To Have Without Holding

Sit down with three pieces of paper. On the first, jot a few bits about your no-holds-barred ultimate vision of a romantic partner — dream of the person, the relationship, and/or how you will feel, plus include “what you know … Continue reading

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(I found this poem by Czeslaw Milosz in Roger Housden‘s Ten Poems to Open Your Heart. I believe it’s also in Milosz’s New and Collected Poems: 1931 to 2001.) Sometimes in the deep night, I recite this poem to myself. … Continue reading

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