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“Problems aren’t problems, happiness isn’t happiness, worry is nothing to worry about, nothing is nothing, and everything is everything:” my latest favorite game

A Game! Fill in the blank (insert any emotion, state, or situation): “[Blank*] is nothing to [Blank — the same blank as before or some grammatically correct form of Blank] about. [Blank] isn’t [Blank.]. Three ways to win this game: Make yourself … Continue reading

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Let’s spark

“No.” Wait, what? You stepped into a universe of possibility, dreamed hugely, asked another to join you — to participate somehow in this dream — and they said “no?” “A ‘no’ can so often dampen our fire in the world … Continue reading

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A 3-step, 3 AM balm for the broken-hearted

1. What does broken-hearted feel like — in your body? Is it the heart organ itself… is it aching?  Have you heard “the heart always cracks open?” What if that’s true? Go into your heart and let it break — … Continue reading

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Follow your heartbreak

How to Make a Passion Map When my friend and colleague Natalie Currie recommended an article from the Harvard Business Review (HBR), I was… skeptical. Until I was blown away: “Follow your passion, we’re often told. But how do you … Continue reading

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