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“Problems aren’t problems, happiness isn’t happiness, worry is nothing to worry about, nothing is nothing, and everything is everything:” my latest favorite game

A Game! Fill in the blank (insert any emotion, state, or situation): “[Blank*] is nothing to [Blank — the same blank as before or some grammatically correct form of Blank] about. [Blank] isn’t [Blank.]. Three ways to win this game: Make yourself … Continue reading

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Introducing (proudly!): Your HOW-To-Do List

“Adverb in your legs.” Or so I wrote on a piece of paper 13 years ago. Um. Yeah. The first take-home point is: *Think twice before cleaning out your files.* The second point came to me after a week of my … Continue reading

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A 3-step, 3 AM balm for the broken-hearted

1. What does broken-hearted feel like — in your body? Is it the heart organ itself… is it aching?  Have you heard “the heart always cracks open?” What if that’s true? Go into your heart and let it break — … Continue reading

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How to make yourself thin

There are people in whom the ineffable mysteriousness of life feels palpable. They are like thin places — very little seems to separate the sacred from the ordinary. It’s right. there. Of course thin people are just as likely to … Continue reading

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A Tool for Three Marriages: To Have Without Holding

Sit down with three pieces of paper. On the first, jot a few bits about your no-holds-barred ultimate vision of a romantic partner — dream of the person, the relationship, and/or how you will feel, plus include “what you know … Continue reading

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Wangari Maathai-ing

How to generate your own personal world class peace: 1. Choose something that you might consider a problem. 2. And choose another one. 3. Lightly hold my sagely friend’s idea that “nothing needs to be fixed.” 4. Put Situation #1 … Continue reading

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“There’s nothing to fix…

“There’s nothing to fix, and everything to create.” My own personal sage** suggested this to me today. She sounded a lot like Lao Tzu, who said: “Do you want to improve the world?” Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the first sentence … Continue reading

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Making thin places

A sunshine soaked classroom, a windowless office, a tiny, tucked away bar. This month I’ve been so incredibly lucky to walk into three places — three unlikely places — and find myself in the palpable ineffable. These places are marked … Continue reading

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Antifragility: How to be a Black Swan Whisperer

Black Swans are the New Sh!t – They Happen. Unexpected stuff happens all the time. There’s a lot we don’t know. And according to physicists, disorder/chaos is only always increasing. When the supposedly improbable/unthinkable occurs AND it has a big … Continue reading

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Ranch Zen

“Go outside or get a drink of water.” My daughter once came home from a birthday sleep-over with this wisdom — the best of all party favors. Her friend was a ranch kid, and the rancher Dad happened by a … Continue reading

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