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Pleasure Power

Three words for four days, and you will be changed: “Pleasure is Power.” ~ Danielle LaPorte Not only that, but I hereby whole-heartedly — with zero possibility of being wrong — pinky-swear that you’ll be changed in a way you like VERY MUCH.  … Continue reading

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Rent, Grace, and a Method for Letting Go (for those of us who… don’t)

A good idea As you know, we coaches are big on releasing attachment.  “Let go,” we exhort ourselves (and others! in a well-meaning way!)* when we detect grasping. A difficult-to-access idea Whether we’re talking about holding on to something already in hand or … Continue reading

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Respect, prospect, prosper: what do we want?

The opposite of respect Disrespect sometimes unhinges some of us humans. We know that individual narcissists become enraged. And some entire social structures promote disrespect as sufficient reason to physically harm another person (and even to have a long-term feud or beef or grudge … Continue reading

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Oh, anger

This week I had a little anger episode while teaching yoga. Yup. I am ashamed even to say that. (Which says a lot about the expectations I/we have around anger. And yoga:)) Email, coffee talk, and phone calls on my recent Emotions … Continue reading

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Mad, Sad, Glad, and Afraid –> Your Heart’s Desire

If you ever learned how to soldier on no matter HOW you felt, then you may sometimes experience these side effects: being unable to name how you feel, even to yourself secretly, getting a false read on your emotions, not … Continue reading

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Why don’t I do what I REALLY DO want to do?

I unabashedly adore my “Leaning Into What You Really Want” worksheet because when I want something, this technique works with magical-feeling ease. Except when it doesn’t work at all. I used to believe that those instances meant I was “self-sabotaging” or that I didn’t REALLY … Continue reading

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One kind of fun isn’t…

… but good writers know what to do with it. PS — One of the innumerable little delights on my 4,000-miles-in-2-weeks odyssey was learning about these four kinds of fun relative to time from my son’s camping leader Fiona and my daughter’s friend … Continue reading

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