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Oh, anger

This week I had a little anger episode while teaching yoga. Yup. I am ashamed even to say that. (Which says a lot about the expectations I/we have around anger. And yoga:)) Email, coffee talk, and phone calls on my recent Emotions … Continue reading

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Mad, Sad, Glad, and Afraid –> Your Heart’s Desire

If you ever learned how to soldier on no matter HOW you felt, then you may sometimes experience these side effects: being unable to name how you feel, even to yourself secretly, getting a false read on your emotions, not … Continue reading

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Why don’t I do what I REALLY DO want to do?

I unabashedly adore my “Leaning Into What You Really Want” worksheet because when I want something, this technique works with magical-feeling ease. Except when it doesn’t work at all. I used to believe that those instances meant I was “self-sabotaging” or that I didn’t REALLY … Continue reading

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One kind of fun isn’t…

… but good writers know what to do with it. PS — One of the innumerable little delights on my 4,000-miles-in-2-weeks odyssey was learning about these four kinds of fun relative to time from my son’s camping leader Fiona and my daughter’s friend … Continue reading

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How it is that everything can be so beautiful

Beauty is “an invitation to further experiences, a way that things invite us in… to explore, interpret… (not to be regarded as an instantaneously apprehensible feature)… Beautiful things don’t stand aloof but direct our attention and our desire to everything else … Continue reading

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How to Stop Wanting Something

Why it almost never works when you decide to stop wanting something 1. Remember the IMP? No, not the one you met last Halloween.  I’m talking about your own mental Ironic Monitoring Process which dictates that your mind be on the lookout for whatever you want to … Continue reading

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Entraining 101: Who’s pulling in whom

When two people meet, one often emotionally entrains the other. You have likely been in a room where everyone gets unsettled by one person’s anxiousness. And you’ve also seen one person’s kindness — even a private, not-outwardly-cheery joy — uplift a crowd. What was … Continue reading

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Feast (another poetry-based practice)

1. Imagine this: Love After Love by Derek Wolcott The time will come when, with elation you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror and each will smile at the other’s welcome, and say, sit … Continue reading

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Bluebeard OR Beast? How to tell the difference — and how to dismember the former.

Be it Heidi’s grandfather, Rhett Butler, Clint Eastwood in The Bridges of Madison County, that homely guy at the gym, or — more significantly — our own inner shadow, most of us are seduced by the idea of our love … Continue reading

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Your chakras don’t need any work

Your chakras don’t need activating, connecting or amplifying. They’re not tasks you need to add to your spiritual-mental-physical To-Do List. Quite the opposite: Your chakras are glowing resources you can avail yourself of anytime you need recharging or rest. All … Continue reading

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