How To Love Yourself

“I do not know where to begin.”

Those are the honest words spoken to me by a brave cosmic conversant today.

We all hear that it’s good for the people around us — as well as for us — if we love our own selves in a healthy way. Fishing trips, manicures, and me-time aside (not to say they’re not wonderful but if they really helped everyone at a cellular level, this question would not be so prevalent), how can you love yourself?

What would that even feel like?

It feels tricky.

I developed this graphic sheet as a hybrid of an active imagination practice Martha Beck has used for people with chronic pain + a reflection by Roger Housden on the poem The Dark Night by St. John of the Cross. (You can click on the image to access a .jpg to print.) Try reading the poem somewhere safe and cozy — say under the covers just before you go to sleep — then exploring the rest of the practice. For me, it is dis-orientingly peaceful. Or peacefully disorienting.
Be Loved-1I would very much like hearing from you (via my gmail account, which is betsypearsonpe, or private FB message if you prefer not to comment below) as to whether or not it felt accessible to you, if it affected you, and how. And if you have any how-to-love-yourself techniques to share, my fellow cosmic ponderer and I would appreciate them.

Sweet dreams.

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