A 3-step, 3 AM balm for the broken-hearted

1. What does broken-hearted feel like — in your body?

Is it the heart organ itself… is it aching?  Have you heard “the heart always cracks open?” What if that’s true? Go into your heart and let it break — feel it. Don’t hold it together with your willpower. Feel it open. Then what do you notice? Does the sensation spread throughout your body?  Does it set all the cells — or the empty space between molecules — vibrating? Does it allow more room?

2. Feel the cosmos moving through you.

All the time, in every moment, space is showering us with high-energy, sub-atomic particles — some from our Sun, others from elsewhere within our galaxy, and most from outside our galaxy including from supernovae. [Yes, supernovae particles are in you right. this. second.]

Mostly the particles are simple “bare” protons with a mixing of a few stray electrons (beta particles), alpha particles, and nuclei of heavier elements as well as even rarer stable particles of antimatter (positrons and antiprotons).

Some of the particles moving through you are “entangled.” That is: they have so intensely encountered another particle in the universe that their quantuum states are linked no matter how they are separated by space and time.  If you measure a quantuum state of the first particle, you instantly determine/”set” the second particle’s  quantuum state. (No matter where on earth they are… or when… meaning that what happens now to one entangled particle is causing something to happen to its partner particle in the past. I know.)

Imagine this cosmic wash flooding your cells. You are literally connected to the universe in a flowing way right this moment in your body… as well as in a way that directly links you with “particular” other sparks, superceding space AND time.

3. What would it feel like if you could let your broken heart leave you more and more open AS the cosmos moves through you?

What would it mean if you were to walk around the world today in that state? Imagine yourself seeing the sky — or other people… or even dirty dishes — with a broke-open heart through which high-energy particles are streaming. What if you don’t really have to “fix” your condition but rather just feel it and thereby create something: that experience, at the very least/most. The ineffable something always and only spreads from there.

My Fiftieth Year

My fiftieth year had come and gone.
I sat, a solitary man,
In a crowded London shop,
An open book and empty cup
On the marble table-top.

While on the shop and street I gazed
My body for a moment blazed,
And twenty minutes, more or less
It seemed, so great my happiness,
That I was blessed, and could bless.

~ WB Yeats

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1 Response to A 3-step, 3 AM balm for the broken-hearted

  1. Sandi Shroads says:

    Wow Betsy, this is SO beautiful! Thank you so much for this post – made my day! 🙂

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