What if you knew ahead of time you got an “A?”

It’s Week 3 of On the Same Page — a book-club-blog-hop. Four certified life coaches are your sailing mates through The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander.

art of possibility pic

Today, Amy’s blog looks at the third chapter “Giving an ‘A’.” I tried her essay’s exercise this morning (my observations are in the Comments section of her blog), and it surprised me. The transformational kind of surprise. I hope you’ll post your own reflections there too… it helps to read each other’s experiences.

Next week, our fearless leader Kanesha will be looking at Chapter 4, “Being a Contribution” (which is a very appropriate topic for the force that is Kanesha!) In the mean time:

Amy’s look at Chapter 3 is here.

To read Kayce’s piece on Chapter 1 — which set the stage with the Zanders’ premise that ‘It’s All Invented’ — click here.

My take on Chapter 2 — beginning to see how we can change our “framework” and thereby step into “A Universe of Possibility” — is here.

To see the entire book club schedule, click here.

To buy the book on amazon.com click here (you can get it on Kindle too!).

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