Sail into a Vast Universe of Possibility

Welcome to Week 1 of On the Same Page a book-club-blog-hope with four certified life coaches as your sailing mates.

As you recall, last fall, Kanesha Baynard, Kayce Hughlett, Amy Steindler, and I accompanied you on a trip through the classic book Flow by Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi

This spring — when our fearless leader Kanesha got us going again — we wanted something equally as cosmic and expanding BUT a little less, shall we say, dense! After careful pondering, we were all super excited to agree on The Art of Possibility, by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander. DESPITE the fact their names are easily pronounceable AND spell-able, they are smart and creative cookies:)

The Zanders operate from their very specific experiences in the arts and in therapy and conclude “much much more is possible than people ordinarily think.” They have found that we limit ourselves by assuming certain frameworks, and in fact if we…:

“… draw a different frame around the same set of circumstances… new pathways come into view.”

Today, Kayce’s blog introduces us to the first chapter, “It’s All Invented” with a sweet little tool. She tried the tool out on herself and ALL OF US before putting it out to you. Our uncensored results are included in her post — yikes!

Next week, I’ll be looking at Chapter 2, “Stepping into a Universe of Possibility.” See you then. Meanwhile:

To read Kayce’s blog today on Chapter 1, click here.

To see entire book club schedule, click here.

To buy the book on click here (you can get it on Kindle too!).

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