The brief against the moment dissolves

Good Idea: “Be here in this moment.”

Barely Conscious Fears: I’m afraid that truly doing this practice will keep me from…

    • Making plans; changing — I might never stop an activity or condition that doesn’t serve me.
    • Avoiding danger — I could be too far into bliss even to notice the situation doesn’t serve me. Or I might lose vigilance and not notice danger sneaking up on me.

Actual Experience: I am finding the present moment brings me physical ease and, at the same time, clarity about what I want to do…

    • It turns out that the present moment is the only place in which to notice the truth about what I want to change. And to see real danger, for that matter.
    • It turns out that being off in a fantasy world or rehashing whatever brought me to where I am — or heck, even meditating — blows off steam. That steam would otherwise power my engine for deciding upon and enacting change.

Experiment: Try it yourself; let me know what you experience…

    • As you know — as I know and have taught people and tried to do for over 20 years and yet feel like I am just now getting in a whole new way! —  feeling your breath may be your best tool.
    • Also — feeling your body pulled by the earth into whatever you’re sitting/standing/lying on/against/in. I love gravity almost as much as air.
    • And maybe I love water most of all. When in doubt, drink a glass.

Love, love, love,


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