Glad to wake up

When you first begin waking and you remember what/who/where your day might hold and then you can’t WAIT to get out of the bed and get going — that’s a deep well-being.

Your day may hold something epic. Or you may EPSON MFP imagebe thinking of little things like how your cup of coffee will feel in your hands. And smell. And how the steam will respond to your breath… Oh. lord.

I think the little things are the anticipations most likely to keep us alive and wanting to be alive.

I offer one of my little things in case you want to consider adding it to your own days:

getting upside down

(head-below-heart + eyes-below-nose)

The cosmic metaphorical implications of those bold words thrill me. And yet I find that the ordinary (sacred) reality is even better, especially when you:

  • Keep it not a big deal: You don’t need special clothes — or  any at all. You don’t need equipment or a mat. You don’t need to do it for some set amount of time or think more is better. It’s just for FUN.
  • Try different positions to see what you like: Imitate the happy stick people from the drawings below OR swing from monkey bars by your knees/tail (if you’re a monkey or just dressed like one for some reason).
  • Notice the moment’s amazing details:
    • Feel what it’s like to breathe upside down. Let it be easy.
    • Check in with the parts of you that are touching down to hold you up. Really let those cells enjoy the glory of being your support in this way.
    • If your mouth is within range of a Labrador’s tongue, consider the implications BEFORE you begin. I am not saying rule it out, although as an alternative you might invite a human friend to kiss you spidey-style while you’re upside down.
    • Look around. The world is easy to fall in love with when you’re upside down.

Here’s to enjoying your waking.


PS — Magic tip:

If you feel like your eyes are bulging out, put your attention into your upper back — right where your buffalo hump would be or just above where your bra strap would be… if you were a buffalo wearing a bra… which you never would be because buffaloes are way too liberated for that kind of thing. ANYWAY, ease that part of your thoracic spine “back” in the direction of the wall behind you. This makes breathing easier too.

PPS — Remember what I write on the blackboard in every yoga and coaching class:

If it feels icky, it is.

If inverting yourself makes you feel yucky, just don’t do it. Although I do hope you’ll try the magic tip (above), always trust your bodily felt experience over what anyone tells you.


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