Wangari Maathai-ing

How to generate your own personal world class peace:

1. Choose something that you might consider a problem.

2. And choose another one.

3. Lightly hold my sagely friend’s idea that “nothing needs to be fixed.”

4. Put Situation #1 and Situation #2 into your mind, shake gently, don bright colorful clothes, and consider how each situation’s the perfect “solution” for the other. (Really this isn’t “solving problems” but rather “creating beauty.” Sssh. We don’t have to tell anyone how fun it is. Though they’re likely to notice your glow.)

5. Implement your creation.

6. Hug people. Wangari Maathai was famous for her hugs. It will make you smile broadly. Them too.

Visit for more info on Wangari’s legacy


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