what they’re NOT

Tenders and kind people aren’t:

Sweet. Or even nice, exactly.

They don’t subscribe to anything goes.

They aren’t kidding.

Often they don’t seem personal — they don’t worry about what happens to you.

They don’t have the persona — gestures, appearance, voice — you may associate with enlightened masters.

But they see you and hear you as you are and accept you. Their care for you is naked and they don’t bother to disguise it. They are dedicated to — consecrating  — what they’re doing. They’re serious. They laugh easily. They relish silly and fun.

They are not without flaws. Massive ones. *It can be hard to get over this one.*

They embrace being fully alive human people.

They’re not fearless.

But they are willing.

Maybe that’s it — they’re like, yup, this is totally what I signed up for.

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