“Your assignment, should you choose to accept it…”

.. and should you want to be juicy and green. AND should you be over 50.

[See what I did there with the title? You’re almost guaranteed to be over 50 if it hooked you.*]

I am hugely crushing on Jean Shinoda Bolen right now as she is making my over-50 years seem less Mission Impossible and more Mission Fantastic. Just in the nick of time, too.

The fruits of that middle third of my life seem to be fully ripening and falling off the dang tree, just as they’re supposed to. Nice. But now what?

Something green and juicy sprouts. That’s what.

Here’s what I’ve learned. One way to assure that the best is yet to come is to embrace your new “assignment” when it comes your way.

Happily, magically, you will be drawn to it.

Of course you always have the choice of turning it down too, if you don’t like it.

So how do you decide if what you’re drawn to is the real thing? Answer three questions that Dr. Jean discusses in a remarkable video interview I’ve paraphrased below:

How to Recognize Your Assignment

  1. Is it meaningful to YOU?

Often your assignment will dovetail with your life experiences.

2. Will it be FUN?

Your assignment will tap into your creativity AND let you hang out with people you like.

3. Is it motivated by LOVE?

Love is the only non-Zero-Sum quantity: the more you give away, the more there is.

“Your assignment is still work. But it feels good.”

Thank you Dr. Jean.

*You also understand that your computer must now self-destruct in 10, 9, 8…

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