Our homework: daydream

Leave it to Kanesha Lee Baynard to shake it up and PODCAST (can that be a verb?) her thoughts on Chapter 6 of the book Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: “The Flow of Thought.”

I like how KLB reminds us that we control our thoughts and can choose what we want to do with our minds. We can get rid of the chaos. Truly. Best of all, she uses words like mental vacation and daydreaming… perfect for summer book-club-blog-hopping. So hop on over to her blog — close your eyes and savor 4 minutes of imagining you’re in the same room with Coach KLB.

(PS — here’s the calendar Kanesha created showing the schedule for the rest of our book club. It also gives you links to the previous chapters if you want to check them out.)

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