Finally — the meat of the matter

Today our “On the Same  Page” book-club-blog-hop reaches the heart of the book Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. What are the conditions of flow??? Happily for all of us,  Kayce Hughlett — queen of pondering — is the coach taking a look at this chapter for us. She takes us deeply into it for ourselves by sharing herself AND presenting questions you can’t help but think about. Here is the link to her site — enjoy! (And check out her book while you’re at it!)

Next week is my turn again — I get to see how Mr. C applies all the Flow goodies that Kayce lays out for us to one specific part of our human life: the Body.

PS — If you want to go back and catch up, Chapter 1 (What is happiness, REALLY?)  was covered by Coach Kanesha Baynard here. Chapter 2 (What is consciousness?) was on Amy Steindler’s blog here (short answer: attention) . And I looked at Chapter 3 (How do you use attention to get a deeper happiness… enjoyment?) here.

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