Stuff I learn from clients

To do list: Smell a horse. Every day.

Yesterday, a glowing client considered  how her big goal will make her feel — because really that’s always the goal behind the goal: to feel some certain way.

In her case, it’s confident.

Then she started looking at things she does NOW that make her feel this way — because why put off feeling the way you want, right? (And what’s ultra cool is how feeling that way as often as possible NOW will rocket her toward her big goal!)

And, yes,  it was smelling a horse. I was kind of speechless.

It’s good to go speechless because then the other person may elaborate.  Which she did. “Because horses are big. And forgiving. I think they’re the most forgiving creatures on the planet. That’s one thing confidence does for you: makes it easy — almost automatic  — to forgive. Nothing can really hurt you too much or for long when you have your own confidence.”

You know that horse pasture about a mile from my house, on the road up to the airport? I’m stopping at the fence today and taking a whiff.

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1 Response to Stuff I learn from clients

  1. I LOVE this!

    And that is one kickass client!

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