… is there a big fat lie on my Welcome page?

Remember when I said I have no idea what your heart’s desire might be? Well, last night a hunch came to me.

Hunch: Your heart desires to be your own ultimate source of authority and emotional nourishment.

Corollary A: Your heart wants you to question any and all beliefs that feel wrong  — as my Mom says: if it feels icky, it probably is — then look around within yourself for beliefs that feel more true. And THEN actually act in a way counter to icky thoughts and in line with your better thoughts.

Corollary B: Your heart hopes you’ll not attempt to find a perfect person or dogma [including this hunch!] to be your ultimate source of authority or emotional nourishment. Rather, your heart desires you use gentle, compassionate awareness of your own mind, body, and spirit to step out of emotional suffering (fear, anger, sadness) and into what feels more free.

Corollary C — Your heart desires that you, in turn, not be anyone else‘s ultimate source of authority or emotional nourishment. Each person gets to —  and has to — do that for themselves.

Corollary D — Your heart knows this deeply personal self-nourishing, self-deciding, and self-acting  is a process. It’s never finished because, as Heraclitus said (blatantly plagiarizing from Pocahontas in just the same way that I am lifting most of these ideas directly from Chapter 14 of Martha Beck’s Four Day Winthough I was sure to run it through my own heart for a feel-good check and a few customizations because I have been a bit prone to perhaps over-loving some really cool albeit still outside authorities!): you can’t step in the same river twice. Everything’s always changing.

I thinking coaching your self or others calls for respecting the heart’s desire and merely applying effective tools (pleasant ones, that feel good to your heart) to help unearth and develop its longings and knowledge.

Standard Invitation: Please question this hunch of mine, and tell me where it feels wrong or right for you. My heart looks forward to hearing from your heart.

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