That ongoing problem of yours? It’s like my gazpacho.

Here’s a peak at yesterday, in reverse chronological order:

4:27 PM

1:40 PM

12:15 PM

Now that I’ve managed a reason to post more veggie portraits, let me ask you:

1. What’s the matter?

Pick a matter out of Column A that bothers you – the ickier the better.

2. What’s another matter?

Pick the loveliest item from Column B (gazpacho! gazpacho!).

Just kidding about the gazpacho — pick whatever matters most easily to YOU.

3. Say more about the matter from Column B.

  • Write out a description of Matter B.

Say as much as you want, but include at least three adjective-like descriptors PLUS how you see Matter B’s purpose (its reason for being).

  • Treat Matter B as if it were part of a dream.

Carl Jung considered dreams to be messages from the unconscious: every item in a dream represents some part of the dreamer’s psyche/life and shows up in the dream to help the dreamer.

°         What is Matter B’s message to you?

°         How is Matter B trying to help you by showing up in this “dream?”

Add these answers to your written description of Matter B.

4. Now read back over what you wrote BUT every time you wrote “Matter B,” substitute “Matter A.” Ask yourself — how is Matter B like Matter A?


A personal example:

Matter A: I have not been doing my usual exercise — yoga in my living room and walking in my neighborhood. Or any exercise. At all.

Matter B: Making gazpacho (What, you knew I’d choose that one?)

My (abbreviated for this post) description of Matter B:  Gazpacho-making starts with a visit to the garden for my daily veggie photo shoot, which goes on a lot longer than most might consider prudent (see photo #3 above). I adjourn to the kitchen. I drink coffee. I put on Italian opera to get in the mood. I drink more coffee. And then I start chopping up stuff and combining it every which way. I use all the homegrown stuff available including a few things not called for in any recipe —  because they are so pretty and fresh!– then add items the recipe calls for but that aren’t available from our garden… gazpacho is too important and wonderful to be ruined by me being a home-grown purist. I look around — the kitchen is a gazpacho-fiesta-frenzy (see photo 2 above)! Ack. But then I taste the gazpacho. Oh my. I put it in the fridge so the flavors can marry. I clean up, then when I think the flavors are done honeymooning, I down a bowl with chips and a slice of cheddar. (I’ll think about what to make for supper later. The point of gazpacho is to enjoy the sensory experience and make the most of those lovely raw ingredients. In fact, seriously, I think that’s what the gazpacho is begging me to do — look at photo #1 above!!)

How is Matter A like Matter B? Well, maybe if I revel in every step — set the mood with music (and COFFEE), mix up my routine with non-home-grown stuff (a class at the Y or some craziness like Hot Sweaty Salsa Boxing), get messy, and savor the post-exercise-honeymoon glow – then moving my self around with the intention of joy and deliciousness (rather than the utilitarian chore of “making supper” or “exercise”) will allow me to enjoy the lovely raw ingredients (me, myself, and perhaps new dancing/boxing shoes).


Fun, huh.

As Martha Beck says — “everything is like everything.” And by everything, I’m pretty sure she means gazpacho.

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1 Response to That ongoing problem of yours? It’s like my gazpacho.

  1. Leah says:

    This whole post – the photos, the writing, the exercise, the wisdom – is pure deliciousness! Not only am I excited to try out this exercise, but I’m also craving gazpacho! (And COFFEE…but that is, somehow, not so surprising…)

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